1: Explore the beauty of the emerald toucanet, with its vibrant green feathers and striking red bill.

2: Meet the dazzling male eclectus parrot, known for its stunning emerald green plumage and bright red underbelly.

3: Discover the elegant green broadbill, a small bird with a lime green body and a distinctive black face mask.

4: Admire the grace of the green Jay, with its glossy green and blue feathers, and striking black mask.

5: Get to know the colorful green honeycreeper, with its brilliant emerald green body and vibrant blue crown.

6: Witness the beauty of the green-winged macaw, with its emerald green wings and bright red and blue body.

7: Marvel at the striking beauty of the green heron, with its sleek green and chestnut plumage.

8: Meet the charming green aracari, with its vibrant green feathers and colorful yellow and red accents.

9: Explore the exotic beauty of the green imperial pigeon, with its luscious green plumage and striking red eyes.

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