1: 1. Acadia National Park, Maine: Dark skies offer stunning views of constellations.

2: 2. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah: Certified Dark Sky Park with clear views.

3: 3. Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania: Known for its pristine stargazing conditions.

4: 4. Glacier National Park, Montana: Remote location provides ideal stargazing opportunities.

5: 5. Great Basin National Park, Nevada: Limited light pollution for excellent night sky views.

6: 6. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona: Majestic backdrop for stargazing adventures.

7: 7. Joshua Tree National Park, California: Perfect desert setting for stargazing enthusiasts.

8: 8. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado: High altitude for crystal-clear night skies.

9: 9. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming: Remote location offers breathtaking stargazing experiences.

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