1: "Start your day with these 3 morning yoga poses to release tension and improve focus for desk job professionals."

2: "Cobra pose stretches your spine and opens up your chest to counteract hunching over a computer."

3: "Cat-Cow pose gently warms up your spine and helps alleviate back pain from long hours of sitting."

4: "Forward fold pose loosens tight hamstrings and promotes blood flow to re-energize your body for the day."

5: "Downward facing dog pose relieves stress and tension in your shoulders, neck, and back for a calmer workday."

6: "Warrior pose strengthens your legs and core, improving posture and stability while boosting confidence."

7: "Child's pose relaxes your mind and body, promoting deep breathing to increase mental clarity and focus."

8: "Bridge pose opens up your chest and shoulders, counteracting slouching to improve overall posture."

9: "End your morning routine with Savasana pose for complete relaxation and rejuvenation before starting your workday."

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