1: "Morning workouts must be long." Debunked: Short, intense sessions are effective.

2: "No time for breakfast before a workout." Debunked: Quick snacks fuel workouts.

3: "Skipping a morning workout ruins your day." Debunked: Any time is workout time.

4: "Morning workouts must be done on an empty stomach." Debunked: Fuel up for energy.

5: "No equipment means no effective workout." Debunked: Bodyweight exercises work wonders.

6: "Morning workouts require a long warm-up." Debunked: Dynamic stretches prep the body.

7: "Too tired in the morning for a workout." Debunked: Movement boosts energy levels.

8: "No time for a shower after a morning workout." Debunked: Quick wipes and dry shampoo save time.

9: "Morning workouts are not for everyone." Debunked: Find what works best for you.

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