1: Stretch 1 - Supine Figure 4 Stretch Lie on your back and place ankle on opposite knee. Keep back flat on the ground. Hold for 30 seconds and switch.

2: Stretch 2 - Seated Butterfly Stretch Sit down, bring soles of feet together. Gently push knees towards floor. Hold for 30 seconds.

3: Stretch 3 - Pigeon Pose From plank position, bring right knee towards right hand. Extend left leg back. Hold for 30 seconds.

4: Stretch 4 - Lunge with Twist Step right foot forward into low lunge. Twist torso towards right knee. Hold for 30 seconds.

5: Stretch 5 - Standing Glute Stretch Stand up, cross right ankle over left knee. Sit back into imaginary chair. Hold for 30 seconds.

6: Perform these glute stretches regularly to relax and release tension in your bum muscles for better flexibility and mobility.

7: Incorporate these stretches into your daily routine for a healthier and happier backside.

8: Remember to breathe deeply and listen to your body's limits while practicing these glute stretches.

9: Consult with a fitness professional or healthcare provider before starting any new stretching routine, especially if you have existing injuries or conditions.

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