1: 1. Bake Christmas cookies with loved ones. 2. Watch holiday movies by the fireplace.

2: 3. Visit a local Christmas market. 4. Decorate the house with festive lights.

3: 5. Go ice skating with friends. 6. Make DIY Christmas ornaments.

4: 7. Attend a holiday concert or show. 8. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter.

5: 9. Send handwritten Christmas cards to loved ones. 10. Drive around to see Christmas lights.

6: 11. Host a virtual holiday party. 12. Create a handmade wreath or centerpiece.

7: 13. Have a hot chocolate tasting party. 14. Go on a holiday shopping spree.

8: 15. Build a snowman or have a snowball fight. 16. Attend a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

9: 17. Write a letter to Santa. 18. Start a countdown to Christmas with an advent calendar.

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