1: Kombucha: A tangy probiotic drink great for gut health and hydration.

2: Sauerkraut: Packed with vitamins and minerals to support immunity and digestion.

3: Kimchi: Spicy Korean dish that aids in weight loss and boosts heart health.

4: Miso: Fermented soybean paste rich in antioxidants and beneficial enzymes.

5: Tempeh: High-protein meat substitute with a nutty flavor and cancer-fighting properties.

6: Kefir: A creamy dairy drink that improves bone health and digestion.

7: Pickles: Crunchy cucumbers fermented in vinegar for a tasty snack full of antioxidants.

8: Sourdough: Artisan bread made with natural yeast for better digestion and nutrient absorption.

9: Yogurt: Creamy dairy product packed with probiotics for a healthy gut and strong immune system.

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