1: Discover the incredible story of 8 pennies from the 1800s worth $19 million today.

2: In 2003, an anonymous owner sold the coins at an auction for a record-breaking price.

3: The coins, known as the "Wheat Ear Reverse" pennies, are extremely rare and sought after.

4: With only 8 in existence, collectors worldwide covet these valuable pieces of history.

5: The coins were minted in 1793 and are considered one of the greatest treasures of numismatics.

6: Each penny is meticulously preserved and considered a true work of art by coin enthusiasts.

7: The coins' incredible value continues to rise, making them a coveted investment for collectors.

8: Owning one of these historic pennies is not only a privilege but a testament to American history.

9: The 8 pennies from the 1800s worth $19 million exemplify the beauty and rarity of numismatic treasures.

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