1: Introduction: Learn the top 8 signs that indicate you may have a protein deficiency.

2: Fatigue: Feeling tired and lacking energy could be a sign of low protein intake.

3: Muscle Loss: Notice a decrease in muscle mass? It might be due to insufficient protein.

4: Hair Loss: Protein is essential for healthy hair growth. Thinning hair could be a clue.

5: Slow Healing: Protein plays a role in wound healing. Slow recovery may indicate a deficiency.

6: Edema: Swelling in the body, particularly in the feet and hands, may signal protein deficiency.

7: Weak Immune System: If you're frequently getting sick, your protein intake could be to blame.

8: Poor Skin Health: Protein is crucial for skin repair. Dull complexion? Check your protein levels.

9: Cravings: Constantly craving sweets or carbs? It could be your body's way of saying it needs more protein.

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