1: Enhance Jiffy cornbread by adding fresh corn kernels for added texture and sweetness.

2: Drizzle honey over warm Jiffy cornbread for a touch of sweetness that elevates the flavor.

3: Mix in shredded cheddar cheese to the cornbread batter for a savory twist that's oh-so-delicious.

4: Sprinkle with crispy bacon bits for a salty crunch that takes Jiffy cornbread to the next level.

5: Upgrade your cornbread with a dollop of tangy sour cream on top for a creamy finish.

6: Try mixing in a can of diced green chilies for a spicy kick that will wake up your taste buds.

7: Top your cornbread with a generous scoop of jalapeno peppers for a fiery flavor explosion.

8: Incorporate a handful of chopped scallions into the batter for a fresh and flavorful twist.

9: Experiment with different add-ins like chopped sun-dried tomatoes or crumbled feta cheese for a unique spin on Jiffy cornbread.

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