1: "Ditch the greasy burgers for a delicious falafel wrap."

2: "Trade fries for crunchy baked chickpeas with lemon and herbs."

3: "Swap out a pizza for a veggie-loaded Mediterranean grain bowl."

4: "Say goodbye to fried chicken and hello to grilled marinated tofu."

5: "Replace a beef burrito with a nourishing lentil and veggie wrap."

6: "Trade in a cheesy quesadilla for a roasted vegetable and hummus flatbread."

7: "Swap out a fast-food fish sandwich for a grilled salmon salad."

8: "Ditch the taco bell for a Mediterranean-inspired quinoa and avocado bowl."

9: "Say goodbye to a sugary donut and hello to a fresh fruit and yogurt parfait."

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